About Parkview

A Brief History
Parkview Early Learning center has been a staple for high quality childcare in Spokane since 1999. Previously known as Care-A-Lot Learning Center, Parkview ELC was purchased by Luc Jasmin III and Pam Haley in 2014 and has continued to improve the quality of care provided ever since.

Parkview Early Learning Center is an Early Head Start center for infants and toddlers, and has successfully completed their Early Achiever Rating.

Our Incredible Team

Luc Jasmin III

Co-Owner/Acting Director
Started 2014

Learn About Me!

Luc began his career working in the public school system and transitioned to early childhood education: working his way up from teacher to assistant director and then to an owner when he purchased Parkview Early Learning Center in North Spokane. He is a founder of Washington Childcare Centers Association and Northeast Youth & Family Services, and actively advocates for children, youth, and families in Washington state. Luc also runs Jasmin and Associates, LLC (dba Jasmin Group), a bookkeeping and business consultation company primarily serving small businesses in the Spokane area and is the Eastern WA Representative for Governor Insleeā€™s office. Growing up a first-generation Haitian-American propelled him to understand and focus on, among other factors: equity, racial bias, and cultural differences. His goal is to create a solid foundation in which all youth can be successful; regardless of their of racial background, religious affiliation, economic standing or any other lived experiences.

Gabrielle Kate

EHS Director/Program Assistant
Started 2022

Learn About Me!

Why do you work for PV?

I love protecting the kids and being someone they feel safe with

Gina Conger

ECEAP Director/Curriculum Specialist
Started 2023

Learn About Me!

Why do you work for PV?

Coming soon...

Katia Jasmin

Bookkeeper/Program Supervisor
Started 2024

Amber Jasmin

Started 2014

Gordon Smith III

Designer & Marketing Coordinator

Learn About Me!

Why do you work for PV?

I enjoy teaching, kids, and have a strong interest in the science and research around equal access to early childhood education. Shortly after my first daughter was born I was hired by Luc in 2015 to help out with the school age summer program. The next summer I was the lead teach for the summer program then shortly after I started working as the program supervisor for Parkview while I pursued my design degree at EWU.

Upon graduating Luc and my fellow coworkers pushed me to continue chasing my passion for design I have since worked in multiple facets of the design industry (and even became a dog trainer for a couple years as well). I continued to work for Parkview on a part-time and freelance basis until an opportunity arose for me to come back full-time.

I was excited to return on a full-time basis and to be around the Parkview environment again because everyone is extremely supportive and uplifting.
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